Are your teams burdened by time consuming queries and tasks? Our seasoned experts are available to ease your burden, proactively reducing the effort to manage areas of high administration effort.

Our advisory services include a supplier helpdesk, legislation compliance, data integrity, process excellence, and business analytics, complementing your business and profit maximisation.

With a track record of unlocking substantial returns, our advisory services have garnered the appreciation of our clients. Discover how our solutions and services can deliver financial success for you and your organisations—trust our expertise to guide you.


Retailers face a growing challenge with Supplier Claims, often complex and time-consuming to resolve. Our proposed solution streamlines the process, aligning with best practices, especially where compliance is mandatory (for example: Groceries Supply Code of Practice – UK).

Our tailored approach ensures efficient handling, transparency, and ongoing improvement in managing Supplier Claims.


Claim Submissions

Claims logged into Alliance™ for client visibility


Audit Partnership reviews claims, validates, and seeks additional information

Claim Feedback

Recommendations provided to the client, including authorisation for cancellations/repayments

Corrective Action

Feedback to the supplier, raising repayments where necessary, ensuring resolution


Establish service level agreements for prompt responses and reporting


Centralised database for real-time tracking and documentation

Monthly Reports

Provide regular insights into the status, progress, and performance against SLA’s


Based on analysis, suggest improvements to reduce future claims


In the complex world of grocery retail, maintaining compliance with regulations like the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP – UK) and Canadian Groceries Code of Conduct (CGCOC – Canada) is a critical challenge. With over three decades of collaboration with commercial teams, we understand the intricate landscape. Our specialised “deep dive” audit service ensures your business adheres to the Code, minimising the risk of investigations and associated fines.

Recommendations and Benefits

Collaborative approach with compliance and legal teams

Tailored audit revealing potential Code breaches

Detailed reporting with recommended solutions and training options

Proactive issue management, reporting to the GCA, and corrective actions

Evidence gathering capability and identification of training needs


  • Flexible data auditing, including emails, invoicing, purchases, promotions, and EPOS data
  • Robust systems and trained auditors for a comprehensive GSCOP/ CGCOC analysis
  • Detailed audits for selected date periods, highlighting potential issues across commercial teams
  • Regular audits (monthly, quarterly, or annually) for a thorough compliance health check
  • Targeted approaches for specific individuals, departments, or Code areas of concern


In the intricate landscape of global Accounts Payable functions, complexity grows, and so does the risk of fraud. Our Data Integrity Review is your strategic ally, ensuring the health of your Accounts Payable while minimising exposure to fraudulent activities. Covering your entire spend and supplier master file, this review provides actionable insights for smarter, leaner processes.


Comprehensive Checks

Industry-leading algorithms for comprehensive fraud checks

Thorough Analysis

In-depth analysis by a specialist team

In-depth Reports

Clear reports on fraud analysis, supplier file maintenance, data cleansing, and spend analysis

Fraud Analysis

Identifying unusual or potentially fraudulent activities

Supplier File Maintenance

Removing duplicates and inactive suppliers, addressing erroneous entries

Spend Analysis

Tailorable reports on key spend areas by volume, value, and frequency


  • Reduced exposure to internal and external fraud
  • Minimised likelihood of duplicate and incorrect payments
  • Easy identification of saving opportunities
  • Proactive management of supply risk
  • Support for supplier compliance
  • Enhanced Accounts Payable control
  • Increased efficiency, saving time and money


In our pursuit of true partnership, we champion collaborative Process Improvement, ensuring not just correction but prevention of leakage. Built on the foundation of our ISO9001 Quality Management System, committed to continuous improvement, we extend this ethos to empower your success. Our ‘right first time’ approach fortifies processes, featuring

Buyer Workshops

Illuminating audit findings and root causes for your commercial teams

Ongoing Claim Leakage & Root Cause Analysis

Pinpointing concerns to minimise future leakage

End of Audit Reporting

Analysing long-term metrics, benchmarked against industry norms

End-to-End Process Review

Holistically assessing the entire process for non-compliance and corrective proposals

Real-Time Audits

Tracking the real-time impact of corrective measures


Unlock the power of your business data with our bespoke service, tailored to leverage your unique processes, systems, and information. Explore comprehensive reporting across vital areas such as Accounts Payable/Receivable, Product Data, Sales, Inventory, Orders, Receipts, and Invoices.

In today’s data driven landscape where decisions shape the future, our service merges your expertise with advanced reporting, designed to fuel your strategic journey. Harness the potential within your data for decisive, enabling and informed decision making.


Financial Intelligence

Navigate cash flow, outstanding invoices, payment trends, and terms with agility for robust financial management

Product Data Prowess

Highlight top-performing products and refine stock strategies through thorough sales, purchases, and inventory analysis

Margin Analytics

Delve deep into profitability at a granular level, guiding pricing decisions and revealing cost-saving opportunities

Also includes, Supplier Spend Analysis, Payment Trends, Outstanding Invoices, Payment Terms, Cash Flow, Key Items, Benchmarking, Outliers and Inventory Trends.

Elevate your business profitability with our 20+ years of recovery audit expertise and intelligence. Connect with us today to unlock the potential of our advisory services in making you and your business successful