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Embark on a rewarding career journey with Audit Partnership, where our values of collaboration, excellence, continuous improvement, and integrity define our unique approach. We’re not just a workplace; we’re a dynamic community committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering personal and professional growth.

What We Do

At Audit Partnership, we redefine the landscape of financial services to ensure our clients receive what they are due, creating a positive impact on end customers’ lives. Our mission is to build highly skilled, motivated teams dedicated to high performance and quality. We provide an environment where innovation, dynamism, and collaboration flourish, making us stand out in the industry.

Our Culture

Experience a vibrant and inclusive culture at Audit Partnership. We are agile, progressive, and growth-oriented, fostering an open-door policy that encourages communication across all levels. Join a supportive, dynamic, and flexible environment where your ideas are valued, and teamwork is celebrated.

“The culture at Audit Partnership stands out for its inclusivity, encouragement of ideas, and emphasis on teamwork. I feel fortunate to be part of a team that collaborates, supports one another, and celebrates each other’s successes.”

– Anil Shah, Solutions Architect


Audit Partnership is not just a workplace; it’s a platform for building your career. We empower our employees to take ownership of their development, offering training, mentorship, and a clear progression framework. Early career opportunities, placement programs, and graduate opportunities ensure a diverse and enriching career path.

“The things I enjoy most about working for Audit Partnership are the company culture and the development opportunities that come with a successful, growing business!”

Hannah Coulson, Audit Manager


Enjoy flexible working hours, part-time/flexible arrangements, and a positive work-life balance. Our benefits include health insurance, life assurance, and a company-based performance bonus. We prioritise employee well-being, supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“Our audit approach is built by combining the best people with industry-leading technology solutions. We are committed to making Audit Partnership a great place to work for everyone and have a variety of benefits and flexible working options in place to support this.”

Jonathan Evans – VP Operations

Join Our Global Hubs

Discover exciting opportunities across our global hubs in the UK, India, and Nepal. Each office space contributes to our global presence, offering a diverse and collaborative work environment.

How We Hire

Our streamlined recruitment process ensures a seamless experience. Submit your CV and cover letter, attend an online interview, and embark on a journey with Audit Partnership. Explore our job openings and apply today!

“It didn’t feel like an interview, more like a conversation with a very old friend”

Jigyasa Pant, Analyst


Employee Stories

“I joined as an Analyst on 04 July 2022, right from day one I was highly interested in learning and knowing more about the industry. A massive thanks to management for closely working with us to gain knowledge on the industry. Audit Partnership creates a great platform for me to learn and showcase my skills. I have been tasked with high accountability and responsibility motivating me to do my best. I started to work on various high-priority tasks right from the second month of my job. I was heard when I had ideas to improvise the audit process. I made great friends in the team, It’s like more of a family than colleagues. We created an environment where people can share knowledge and ideas without being judged. It was great being an analyst and learning so much about recovery audit and retail before taking up the role of Team Lead.

Promotion to Team Lead – After around 12 months of this journey, I was announced as one of the Team Lead. I felt confident and motivated to apply for the Team Lead role, after having a chat with my managers. It was such a joyful moment that I got an opportunity to lead the team and nurture young auditors. I am highly motivated to do my work and contribute to great results for the company.”

Karthigeyan T, Audit Team Leader, India

“Starting my job with only 10 colleagues in January 2022, to an astonishing 100 plus employees in such a short span of time is inspirational. The kind of work culture in the company along with the benefits and allowances probably is a major reason for this success.

Moving across departments and working with multiple clients was kind of a roller coaster ride in the beginning, but that made me even more competent and confident in my job. The immense support of co-workers, mentors and onshore made the work quite smooth in a short stretch. The support from fellow team members at any time needed is another best part of working here.

The cherry on the cake is the flexibility in working hours and holidays even on Sundays which we don’t get in many companies in Nepal. Being an employee of this multi-national company, I have been able to balance both my professional and personal life with ease.

Workplaces must be very happy and homely for employees for them to work effectively and efficiently. The environment here seems so warm, and all the co-workers are amazing, which has basically made Audit Partnership a home away from home.”

Jigyasa Pant, Analyst, Nepal

“I joined the Audit Partnership during January, 2022, as an auditor. As I was among the few people to work for my client in the Nepal office, basically it all started from scratch as the concept of Trade Audit was new to me and Nepal as well. The main turning point for me was the onshore visit which helped me to grow my analytical skills and technical skills and gave me a new perspective of working. During the month of February 2023, I was promoted to “Acting Team Leader” and to Team Leader in a couple of months.

In this journey, I also got opportunities to work for some of the leading retailer clients as an Auditor and as a Team Lead. Furthermore, I got an opportunity to train new auditors.
I was announced as the winner of our Audit Partnership ‘Above and Beyond Award’ for June 2023.

Currently, I am continuing as a Team Leader. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me to work as an Auditor and be promoted to Team Leader in such a short period of time. It could have been tough but working beside a supportive management team and enthusiastic colleagues made my work fun and insightful.

The supportive management team and an enthusiastic colleague are my favourite things about working here. I really enjoy the flexible working environment that helps us to balance our personal and professional lives.”

Sanjay Rana, Audit Team leader, Nepal

“My experience to this point has been unpredictable, and I have grown a lot. I hope my next 3 years allow me to grow. The company has encouraged and believed in me to work hard and push through the ranks of the company. I have been lucky enough to travel to India and meet some of my favourite people whilst delivering results for the business. I loved every minute and have gained so much knowledge, despite initially going there to share my own knowledge. With a previous series of great team leaders and managers, it has led me to where I am today.

My favourite thing about working here is the staff. I love interacting with the staff when we get the opportunity and there is an immense sense of being down to earth from everyone in the business. I also love leading my team. I learn so much from them and I hope they can say the same about me. Teaching others is a great way to teach yourself, and I always feel my best when I am learning new things and reflecting on what I have done. I love that Audit Partnership gives us the opportunities I have been lucky enough to experience.

The work environment has always made me feel valuable no matter where I am in the business. Everyone here has a voice, and transparency is one of my favourite things about the business.”

Mario Sarchet, Audit Team Leader, UK

“After becoming a team leader, I have been given an opportunity to visit one of the company’s global offices in Bangalore, India which is definitely a highlight of my employment so far. To think that the company put its trust in you to deliver is a reward and achievement in itself, nonetheless, I am always eager to learn more, to do more and to give more. Whilst the journey has been an amazing experience for being exposed to different cultures, people, nature and all, I took this trip as a learning opportunity for me, my fellow colleagues and for my team.

What excites me about working at Audit Partnership is its ambition for growth. Such tells a lot about the company, its employees and its culture. Of course, you have the perks of working from home, flexible working hours and duvet days which everyone loves, but ultimately it is the ambition for growth that drives one to aim for more and achieve more. With growth comes opportunity, with opportunity comes promotion, with promotion, comes recognition and with recognition comes satisfaction. There is always room to learn and grow within the company and very much encouraged if you are willing to step up when an opportunity comes and that is what I like about working here.”

Deividas Navickas, Audit Team Leader, UK

“I joined Audit Partnership as a Recoveries Analyst in 2015 after graduating with a degree in Accounting, Business Finance and Management. Over the course of two and a half years, I have progressed significantly and am now the Audit Manager for one of our largest grocery retail audits. During my time as a Recoveries Analyst, I was able to build strong relations with both suppliers and client personnel. I was promoted to Audit Team Leader, which gave me the opportunity to manage and develop a strong-performing team. This position also gave me the chance to expand my knowledge of profit recovery auditing and the processes that Audit Partnership follows. It was this breadth of exposure within different departments of the business that has allowed me to progress to the position of Recoveries Manager. From here I was then awarded my current position as Audit Manager working on a highly successful grocery retail audit.

I love the team we have here at Audit Partnership and the strong relationships we have with our colleagues and clients.

We have a collaborative and agile culture, with team members who are innovative and driven to achieve.”

Hannah Coulson, Audit Manager, UK

“Audit Partnership brought a unique opportunity for growth in my career. All the experiences I have gathered here have not only enriched my professional skills but have helped my growth as an individual. A homely environment and supportive management are something I treasure the most. I really enjoy the flexible working environment that helps us to balance our personal and professional lives. As a team leader, you get to know that every individual has their own way of working and there is something to learn from everyone. I really enjoy connecting with people globally and sharing ideas.

When people with ideas and willingness to learn get along, the workplace becomes an open library, that is how Audit partnership is. Everyone is willing to help each other and share the unique knowledge they acquire. Our environment allows us to be open to unique ideas. Besides work, there are team parties where people unveil their hidden talents.”

Sandhya Adhikari, Audit Team Leader, Nepal

“I joined Audit Partnership on the placement program working as an Auditor. I have been with the company for 11 years (12 years if you include my Placement year!). Over the last 10 years, I have progressed steadily through the business in different Team Leader and then Manager roles, until in May 2022 I was appointed to my current role of Audit Director.

We have a friendly, hardworking, and energetic work environment! Everyone is super supportive of one another; we work as a Team to achieve our goals and celebrate them – congratulating and rewarding all people who made it possible.

We have an incredibly strong company culture – we are all passionate about doing the best job we can, but we want to have fun and enjoy what we do. Within this we have a flexible approach in everything we do – whether it’s an employee who needs to leave early to pick up their children or a client who needs a report urgently – we go above and beyond to make it happen!”

Michael Robinson, Audit Director, UK

“At Audit Partnership, I found a company that values and fosters innovation. The supportive work environment allows me to flourish and empowers me with the necessary tools and resources to excel. The freedom to work on my ideas and initiatives has been a game-changer, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to the projects I am involved in.

The culture at Audit Partnership stands out for its inclusivity, encouragement of ideas, and friendly teams. I feel fortunate to be a part of a team that collaborates, supports one another, and celebrates each other’s successes.

I am immensely grateful for the trust and support I have received here, which has allowed me to progress from a Data Engineer to a Solutions Architect within a short time and reach new heights in my career.”

Anil Shah, Solutions Architect, Nepal

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