At Audit Partnership, we’re leaders in independent profit recovery and loss prevention worldwide, driven by a passion for delivering the most flexible and comprehensive services since our inception in 2002.

Over the past 19 years, our teams, experienced in navigating existing pre-payment software solutions, identified shortcomings and refined our approach. This led to the creation of our AI backed Capture™ system, a class-leading pre-payment solution surpassing others in the market.

Capture™ addresses challenges encountered in finance and accounts payable practices. Our historical audits provided valuable insights, shaping a proactive solution focusing on swift and accurate supplier payment processes while safeguarding against fraud or errors.


  • Immediate deployment of a comprehensive accounts payable solution.
  • Real-time reporting to detect and prevent genuine errors and fraud.
  • Tools including 30+ fraud checks, monitoring for anomalies, VAT verifications, and more.


Our system offers extensive reporting, user-specific widgets, audit progress tracking, VAT error identification, and data export capabilities to Excel.

Technical Specifications:

Capture™ is a web-based solution adaptable to various devices, ensuring seamless access and operation, with a recommendation for online implementation for guaranteed uptime and ongoing enhancements.

Customer Journey & Support:

We offer comprehensive training and ongoing support, remote training materials, and user guides for effective utilisation of Capture™.

Added Value:

Beyond fraud prevention and management reporting, we offer data integrity checks, spend analysis, and assurance audits across transactions, providing insights and support for recovery if needed.

Next Steps:

Organisations with substantial third-party spend can benefit from Capture™ loss prevention
capabilities. For a strategy call on implementing Capture™, reach us at
[email protected].

Let’s explore how Capture™ can benefit your organisation!