Competitive audit trial and acceleration of benefit from a multi-year merchandise audit leading to a collaborative and transparent partnership

Optimising Client Benefit from Retail Audit through a competitive Audit trial

Title:  Optimising Client Benefit from Retail Audit through a competitive Split Ledger Recovery Audit trial Objective: To identify the best provider through a highly competitive split ledger recovery audit trial. The goal was to maximise recoveries, improve audit coverage, identify areas for continuous improvement, and foster a collaborative and transparent partnership between Co-op and its […]

UK Summer Event

What a splendid day spent away from the usual work routine at the charming Hazelwood Castle for our much-anticipated Annual Summer Event!   The Audit Partnership UK team displayed exceptional teamwork and camaraderie, embracing the spirit of team building through an array of exciting activities, including Archery, Axe Throwing, Air Rifles, and the thrilling Soap […]

Introduction to Capture™: Loss Prevention & Accounts Payable Auditing Solution

At Audit Partnership, we’re leaders in independent profit recovery and loss prevention worldwide, driven by a passion for delivering the most flexible and comprehensive services since our inception in 2002. Over the past 19 years, our teams, experienced in navigating existing pre-payment software solutions, identified shortcomings and refined our approach. This led to the creation […]

Our India office just got a makeover!

We are thrilled to reveal our dynamic and invigorating new workspace, meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of our extraordinary company culture. As you step inside, you’ll be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere resonating with creativity, the steady hum of productivity, and the contagious energy that propels our team forward.   Our new office stands […]

Dashain Celebration – 2080 BS (2023)

Dashain, a paramount festival in Nepal, carries profound cultural importance, unfolding over a remarkable 15 days filled with diverse festivities. The celebrations include visits to temples, the exhilarating tradition of kite flying, the joy of exchanging gifts, and the camaraderie found in lively card games. Our Nepal Team marked this significant occasion with an exuberant […]

A Senior Audit Manager’s ‘Top 5’ reasons to plan a Recovery Audit this year

For many organisations, April heralds the start of a new financial year, with a new set of challenges and budgets to manage. A recovery audit can be a great way to maximise income this year, with no upfront costs to budget for. Sarah is one of APL’s Senior Management Team with over 10 years’ experience […]

Best Practice White Paper – Commercial Agreements

APL Best Practice Guide – Robust Commercial Agreements Commercial Agreement, also known as Contract Compliance, or Supplier Funding audits, provide a wealth of opportunities for spend recovery and process improvements for APL’s clients, across all industry sectors. We conduct detailed root cause analysis based on audit outputs specific to each client to really ensure the […]

Experts in Retail Recovery Auditing – Case Study

APL have experience of working with retail clients for over 20 years, to conduct intelligent, data driven recovery audits specifically designed for this complex, fast paced industry. In the below case study we look back over our relationship with one of UK’s largest retailers, to show how APL ensures the recovery audit provision is the […]

Pre-Event Auditing for a Managed Approach to Loss Prevention

Pre-Event Auditing for a Managed Approach to Loss Prevention Profit recovery is changing. The focus on historical recoveries has, over the years, been enhanced by the provision of intelligence led recommendations by industry experts, so organizations can attempt to minimize profit leakage in-house. However, in our fast-paced world, even the most sophisticated systems and robust […]

Social Value – At the heart of our business

From the beginning of 2021 it has become a requirement for all government suppliers to incorporate social value into their contracts in order to “level up” the UK. Delivering impactful social value is at the heart of successful, forward thinking organisations, who seek to promote and inspire positive change in the world. The Government’s social […]

A Low Risk Strategy for Easing Public Sector Budget Concerns

The COVID19 pandemic has hit economies hard around the globe, however arguably the greatest challenge of all is faced by public sector organisations, trying to deliver essential services to their communities with limited budget and resource. A recent article from the BBC included their analysis which suggested nine out of ten councils across England were […]

A New Normal – Emerging Trends in Supplier Account Healthchecks

2020 has been a year which has challenged businesses as no other has before. Organisations across the globe were, more or less simultaneously, required to enact their “worst case” scenario business continuity plans. Grocery retailers large and small saw an unprecedented surge demand, whilst local and national governments worldwide struggled to maintain essential services with […]