Optimising Client Benefit from Retail Audit through a competitive Split Ledger Recovery Audit trial


To identify the best provider through a highly competitive split ledger recovery audit trial. The goal was to maximise recoveries, improve audit coverage, identify areas for continuous improvement, and foster a collaborative and transparent partnership between Co-op and its selected Recovery Audit provider.

Problem Statement: 

Back in 2014, Co-op faced challenges in achieving comprehensive and up-to-date ledger recovery audits, with the existing process being six years behind the current financial year. The need for a more tailored, collaborative, and transparent approach to audit management was evident. The objective was to identify a future primary audit partner that would not only recover the most revenue but also enhance the efficiency of Co-op’s financial processes and improve supplier relationships.


  • Accelerated Recovery Audits: Audit Partnership Implemented an accelerated and tailored recovery audit approach to address the challenge of being six years behind in accounts, ensuring a more comprehensive and up-to-date review.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: We assigned a dedicated Account Manager to work closely with Co-op stakeholders, fostering a collaborative partnership that goes beyond a transactional relationship.
  • Improved Supplier Relations: We partnered with suppliers to resolve all historical claims efficiently and effectively, building strong relationships in the process and reducing disruption in the business.
  • Real-Time Issue Resolution: Leveraged Audit Partnership’s unique audit toolkit for real-time issue resolution, reducing the time lag between identifying discrepancies and implementing corrective actions.
  • Bespoke Services and Continuous Improvement: Extended services beyond recovery audits to include designing bespoke services for dispute resolution, compliance, performance reviews, and facilitating continuous improvement.


Significant revenue uplift to Co-op bottom line: Two full years of audit were completed within one year.  Audit Partnership identified 94% of all claims in primary split while the competitor only identified 69%. Audit partnership recovered the remaining 31% of claims that were missed by the competitor


  • Operational Efficiency: The streamlined recovery audit process brought Co-op’s financial operations closer to the present date, minimising the historical lag and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Long-Term Partnership: The collaborative and transparent approach transformed the client-provider relationship into a long-term partnership, reflecting a shared commitment to successful outcomes for Co-op’s audit processes.
  • Real-Time Resilience: The ability to resolve issues in real-time through our audit toolkit empowered Co-op to maintain financial resilience, responding promptly to discrepancies and preventing potential revenue losses.
  • Customised Services Impact: Designing bespoke services based on specific needs showcased the adaptability of solutions, contributing to continuous improvement and preventing revenue losses.